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The Murphy® Ring Splint

About the splint

Purpose of the splint.

Murphy® Ring Splints are designed to give freedom of motion to people with swan neck deformity, by restricting abnormal hyperextension of the digit, and allowing free flexion at the proximal interphylangeal joint (P.I.P. joint). They can be used for rheumatic disease or other conditions where swan necking of the P.I.P. joint occurs.

Why splint Swan Neck Deformities?

How does the Murphy® Ring Splint work?
After being fit correctly on the finger
How does the Murphy® Ring Splint differ from other anti-hyperextension splints on the market?

Murphy® Ring Splints are made from high grade stainless steel spring wire. Stainless Steel wire (a hypoallergenic material) allows us to make splints that are durable, hold their shape, and do not rust. They can be worn in water. They are easily cleaned with cool, soapy water. They are cosmetically attractive, adjustable, re-adjustable multiple times, and come in standard American ring sizes from 2-13. They can be worn on many fingers of the hand at the same time. They can be used on the P.I.P and D.I.P. joints to provide strong lateral stability and joint protection. They can also be used upside down on the D.I.P joint to provide strong prehensive stability.

Each splint is individually spun on a processing machine to make our trademark shape. All edges of the wire are round to allow the pressure of the splint to be spread over a larger skin area to reduce chance of skin breakdown during use. The tips of the wire where the splints are cut from the wire spool, are smoothed by hand to prevent any sharp edges from touching the patients' skin. After thorough inspections, the splints are then sent through an electro polishing process which gives them their shiny, jewelry like appearance.

Our goal is to produce quality, dependable splints that prevent hyperextension, are patient friendly, cosmetically attractive, and low in price.